Published Books

Here you can find the list of books and anthologies I’m published in.


The Purple Door District

Available for order on Amazon in kindle and paper!

You can buy a signed copy or e-book from my store.

You can also purchase it at local bookstores and indie shops:

Prairie Lights in Iowa City

M and M Bookstore in Cedar Rapids

The Maker’s Loft in Iowa City

Blurb: Bianca was supposed to attend art school in Chicago, not run for her life from Hunters. The only chance she has to survive is to find The Purple Door District, a safe haven for a parahuman like herself. When she stumbles upon a magus named Gladus and a fellow avian named Carlos, she thinks she's found safety. But the Hunters are relentless, as is the dark force driving them.

Vampire, werewolf,avian, magus—

It's up to the parahumans of the Purple Door District of Chicago to put their differences aside to save Bianca and stop a dark threat from destroying their peaceful community. 

Hauntingly romantic winter.JPG

“Frozen Heart” in A Hauntingly Romantic Winter

Available for purchase on Amazon!

Dark. Romantic. Frigidly beautiful. Not all fairy tales are meant for children.

A Hauntingly Romantic Winter is a collection of new, previously unpublished fairy tales. This winter, curl up under the blankets, drink some hot cocoa, and let The Otherworld’s writers immerse you into a brand new world. Magic, love, and mystery abound in this adult-themed fairy tale book. Let the freezing cold, the glittering frost, and the howling wind be softened by a layer of dreamlike stories. Inside this collection, you will find warmth and shelter from the outside world, while entering magic lands filled with faeries, cryptic women lurking in forests, magical mirrors, archers and hunters on a quest for glory and more. Drift into this story collection and be ready to shiver with delight.


Latte with a Shot of Poltergeist” in Chills Down Your Spine: A Scary Halloween Anthology

Available for purchase on Amazon!

Sitting around the campfire, trying to scare each other with tales of horror and legend, has been a tradition since before the keeping of written records. Despite the Internet becoming our modern campfire, the tradition continues. We’ve collected works from thirteen — yes, 13; it just worked out that way, honest! — of today’s best upcoming and award-winning authors, asking them to send us whatever keeps them up at night. Boy, did they deliver!And you thought things that go bump in the night were your worst worry... after you read these stories, you’ll know better!Turn on all the lights in your house, find someone to hang on to, and settle in for an evening or three of chills, scares and horrors!


Wings of Change: Published by The Write Launch May 2018 as part of their special short story edition. Read the full piece here.


Gossamer: Published February 28, 2018 by 600 Second Saga as an audio piece. You can listen to the full piece here.